This is a new breed.  This information is directly quoted from the website of the kennels that developed the Price Boar Beisser.  The Price Boar Beisser is the Ultimate Predator Defense Dog. It’s a dog bred to accompany it’s master deep into the wilderness & defend him from large & dangerous predators. The Boar Beisser is bred to have the courage & grit to meet an attack from a large predator head on, it has the size & power to withstand the brunt of an attack, & the gameness & fight drive necessary to stay on the assailant until the end, no matter how tough the situation gets! The Boar Beisser is a rugged dog who will be right at home guarding your farm or camp throughout the night & has the endurance to move over rough territory for long treks throughout the day. Unlike most other predator control dog breeds, the Price Boar Beisser has a very high amount of prey drive. It’s a dog with an inherent & overwhelming desire to seek out & eradicate both large predators & nuisance animals such as wild hogs, coyotes, & nutria. As it’s name implies, a well trained Boar Beisser is a very powerful & highly effective catch dog, most typically worked in a catch team of one male & one female. When not in the field the Boar Beisser is a first class family dog ready to protect the family & home from predators both two legged & four. Our Price Boar Beissers are tested vigorously for working ability before being considered for breeding! They are registered with the DRA & the ARF.   

If we do not have puppies and you are interested in this breed, please visit the developer’s website, Weapon X Kennels.  The breed developer’s name is Jason Price.